Worship Service
Every Saturday Morning


620 S Sunrise Way
Palm Springs, CA


(760) 327-5112

Mailing Address:
Post Office Box 4339
Palm Springs, CA 92263

In-Person & Online Worship Services 

Every Saturday Morning @11am

We want to remind those of you who wish to attend the in-person worship services of the following safety guidelines. 

 1. Please DO NOT arrive earlier than 10:40am. 

2.  Congregants must not linger before or after the service.

3. Attendees will be screened at the door before entry.

4.  Social distancing must be practiced, including maintaining 6 feet distance, including seating.

5.  ALL people must wear face masks or face coverings.

6. Singing will be limited to instrumental music, no congregational singing.

7.  Families may sit together but no children's ministry including children story.

8.  Tithes and Offerings will be left in receptacles at the conclusion of the service.

9.  No bulletins will be distributed.

10. Service time is limited

11.   Sabbath School Classes will continue online